Art Workshops, Music Events and more

The Urban Cultural Arts Foundation knows the power of Art and the impact creative expression has



Through the arts, we gain a sense of self and our place in the world.

Thematic programs and hands-on workshops are offered for

children, parents, friends, families, grand parents, seniors, adolescents, and neighbors.

They are offered at the WHT Art Gallery as well as at  local schools and organizations that serve children or adults.  

Come and visit our OPEN STUDIOS and ART WORKSHOPS.

Learn from some of the most experienced and talented artists from around the world, as well as just down the street. Develop your creative techniques in a variety of mediums, traditional as well as modern, including sculpture, photography, cooking, woodcarving, design, batik and more. Activities offered for youths, adults and multigenerational workshops are available.

 Here are a few examples of our workshops:

 “Photography – my family, friends and me” Photography workshop – learn to use a digital camera and computer, to take and print photos, equipment will be available. You will be the model and the photographer, taking photos of your family at your favorite places.

“African Dance” Dance teacher offer instruction of West African dance for children and adults. We will experience this culture, the movement and rhythm, and will have lots of fun!

 “Making your own apparel and trendy accessories” Design your own fancy fashions and more! All you need is your fantasy, old pants, skirts, bags or t-shirts. You will learn to create new fancy designs out of your old things by decorating them with wool, silk, beads, lace and more.

“African Cooking” Simple African recipes, cheap and healthy foods and delicious results: a cultural cooking workshop. We will prepare an African meal and enjoy eating together.  

Here a WOOD CARVING Workshop with Chief Baba Shongo in the backyard of the William H. Thomas Art Gallery

and more workshop topics:

“My own wooden sign” Woodcarving workshop – produce a symbol with your name on it -using it as an amulet/pendant or to hang in your room

“Colors of the world”   Batik workshop creating colorful wall hangings 

“Make your own drum” Drum- making workshop with drumming session at the end

WOOD BURNING Workshop with Queen Brooks

 To schedule a workshop please email us: [email protected].com 

STUDIO LIVE: Mural painted by visitors at the African Village Arts Festival 2008 during a workshop led by QUEEN BROOKS… and here is the finished mural

Community Mural project in 2010 lead by Larry W. Collins

a click here: storybook EXPLORATIONS workshop project

and you can check our storybook about the workshop project EXPLORATIONS 





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